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Please read the following guidelines for Forum posting
1. Before posting, search the forums. Be specific in your searches.

2. When posting, DO NOT give your topic a title of:

  • I have a question.
  • BIG problem!
  • needs help!
  • Problems

or ANYTHING ambigious like the above!!!

BE SPECIFIC in choosing a title for your post. It can help us better help you.

3. Help us help you. When you post, post as much information as you can.

4. Posting a topic 3 or 4 or 5 times will not get you a quicker will more than likely get No response. The moderators will remove duplicate postings in different forum sections.

5. Please try to only start New topics as necessary. If a similar topic exists, please post in it. It will move that topic to the top of the list and your post will be seen. It also is a good idea since there may be a few users subscribed to that posts notification.

6. Post your topic in the respective forum.

i.e. Requests go in the Requests forum, Off topic stuff goes in the Off topic forum.

Neglecting to do so will get your topic moved by the moderators.

We try to help as much as we can. Time is not free and any help we give is purely voluntary.
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What language can I post in?
The main language that is used on the site is English, and we would like to keep it that way. Also we have a French chit chat Forum but that can't be used too often because only one member speaks that language. So please stick with English, how hard it sometimes can be.
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Other Rules
Please do not spam our forums. Our Moderators will ban users that spam!
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User Name
Please use a "correct" username! Any usernames that are insulting or in any way have something to with diseases or cursing will be banned!
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Contacting the Administrators, moderators.
Please do not contact the administrators or moderators by:
- MSN,AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ

You can contact the admin or mods to report a post or general website enquiries, but please restrict contact to these situations, any general motorhoming queries should be posted to the forums to allow greater response from the entire community :)

If a post of yours has been moderated, the relevant mod will post why it was moderated in the forums by either posting an admin note in your post or by posting a completely new post. Please do not PM the moderators questioning their decisions. Moderating a forum is a hard, time consuming task without having to answer lots of PMs. Check the forum rules and compare it to your posts to see what rule was contravened.

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What is bump?
If you have requested/posted a Bug Report a time ago and still have had no response too it, please use a bump, instead of:

PLEASE HELP ME! (example).

By some time i mean more than 2 or 3 days, you will get ONE warning if you abuse this. If you bump again, or spam another time YOU WILL BE BANNED!

Please understand, WE also have private lives and therefor we are not always able to respond right away!
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Spamming Via Private Message System
Sending avertisement throughout the Private Message System, is not allowed. We do monitor the Private Message too see if this rule is followed. If we catch anybody sending advertisements too our members, or if it gets reported, your ip gets banned without further notice, and forever. NO WARNING WILL BE GIVEN and you will be banned, also you hosting provider will be contacted! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
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Advertising in the forums
NO advertising for commercial sites is allowed in the forums.

This includes posting references to other sites that you have a personal commercial interest in.

No Signatures with links to commercial websites.

No Signatures or posts with links to affiliate / profit sharing schemes or similar

No Usernames constructed using website urls in such a way to advertise your business such as as a username

If you do wish to advertise on the site then go to the advertising section at

Any offending posts will be removed and the user PM'd
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Duplicate Accounts
Any user found to be posting under dual or more aliases will have the duplicate accounts suspended and will be given a warning.

The reasoning behind this is to ensure no duplicity is taking place and to ensure no confusion on the site caused by these actions.
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General Forum Etiquette
When posting in the forums please adhere to the following common sense rules:-

No personal attacks against other members of the forums.

No Abusive attacks against other members of the forums.

No Racist, Sexist posts allowed in the forums.

No offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks are allowed.

No Abusive or threatening or provoking posts towards the Administrator or Moderators and other staff on the site.

Flame war threads, and other posts that are deemed to be descending into these by the forums staff will be locked or moved at moderators / staff discretion.

Do not impersonate other Members. Trying to pretend to be someone else on the site, including Staff, is not allowed, because firstly you'll be bad at it and found out and secondly you will be given a warning.
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Post Splitting
The moderators will split posts if they are seen to be going off in two or more seperate directions, this is to make it easier for all concerned and keep the topics relevant to the subject title.

If a post has informative content at the beginning but then breaks down into a flame war or personal argument then the latter section will be split off and moved to the mods section, keeping the relevant content in the post for future mhers to see.
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Thread Kicking
Thread Kicking is a facility whereby the staff can forcibly remove a member from a thread and restrict their access.

This will only be used if the following has already taken place:-

A poster has posted something against the forum rules and has been warned either by their content being removed and admin note entered, or via PM etc.

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Forums Jail
The forums jail is a section of the site where Admin can place a member to cool off,

the members access can be restricted in 3 ways:-

Can read posts, use PMs, but cant post

Can PM but not read or post in the forums

Cannot read or post in the forums or use PMs

This will be used at the admins discretion for issues such as continual staff harassment via PM / Forum posts from a member. The member would then incur a 12 hour stay in the Jail to allow them to reconsider their posting style.
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Official Warnings and Banning
If a member has continually been warned for breaking forum rules then at Admins discretion an Official warning will be given.

After 3 Official Warnings that member will unfortunately leave the staff with no recourse but to Ban them from the website.
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General Info for Traders
CF Welcomes Traders to the site and hope that our relationship will help build your business and at the same time assist our members.

We do have some Trade specific rules that we ask all Traders to keep within.

1. All traders (After consultation with site administrator) are allowed a single introductory post stating their name, company name and who / what they are but no contact details.

2. Any promotion type posts such as blatant "We sell that", "We can do that for you" type posts will be removed immediately by the moderators.

3. No links to products or services pages on websites to which you have a financial / commercial interest (unless previously arranged with site administrator)

4. No "PM Me" / "Phone Me" type postings in the forums. No benefit to the members as a whole as they never see a resolution and no good for future researchers of a similar problem.

5. Companies are allowed to have a static (non animated) avatar to promote their company name, no website urls to be included in the image

6. Companies are allowed to add their website address into the website field provided in their profiles which then automatically links it to the WWW button below their posts in the forums, but no forum signature links to their websites. (They can link in their signature to their feedback page on the CF Company directory using standard text of "Leave Feedback for X company"

7. CF would prefer companies to be public with their usernames i.e. if a company is called "CF" then that should be their username and not "Steve1" or other similar anonymous type usernames.
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