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Buying from Ebay - A Beginners Quick Guide

At one time or another you will have heard about Ebay, its an internet success story, not one of the dot com
divers but a real revolution in internet business.

Many people use ebay, business and personal and there are some great deals to be had IF you know how to play
the ebay game

First things first, setup either a hammersnipe account or any of the other Ebay Auction
stealer accounts i.e. These are software programs configured
from a website which allow you to enter an ebay auction item number and the maximum amount you wish to bid. At
a prescheduled time these programs (aka bots) go off and attempt to bid for your item, the sneaky thing is they
only bid within < 10seconds of the auction finishing thereby leaving no room for your bidding opponents to manoeuvre a new bid in.

The golden rule with ebay is never bid early, bid ONCE as close to end of auction as possible, follow this rule
and you will definately bag yourself some bargains. Bidding early only drives the price up, and no-one wants that apart from the seller :)

If you really, really want the item, then approach the seller via email using the ebay webbased tool, and ask if they will finish the auction early for a price. Most sellers just want to get shot of whatever is on sale and will snap up the chance of an early end as they then pay less to ebay for fees.

Finally once you have won whatever you wanted, then comes the paying method, if the seller allows it pay by cheque, its slow and old fashioned but no extra fees are incurred. Paypal and other online payment services are quick but thats at the expense of your money as they charge a small fee for transactions.

Once the entire transaction is complete and you are gazing adoringly at your new acquisition then the only thing that remains is to leave feedback for the seller and email them asking for a return of favour. Ebay operates primarily on trust and that is built up via feedback left from transactions.

Copyright (C) D. Burley

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