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How to Sell goods on Ebay

How to Sell goods on Ebay

Ebay is the internet savvy persons equivalent of a car boot sale, it stocks anything and everything. It is possible to put almost anything (within reason) on
ebay and fetch a good price for it due to the actual nationwide (or global) coverage your advertisement will reach.

Firstly create an account / login

Choose sell at online auction , the other option really for businesses selling new items on Ebay

Choose relevant category
don't bother with second category type, extra costs for hardly any benefit, most people search for their goods by name not category.

Selling on Ebay is all about the advertisement itself, nothing else matters !!!

Your prospective buyer goes to EBay's' site, they take a look around, there is a lot of information to take in, they do a search for their required item, no
doubt they will get 1000s of results, how do you make your advert stand out amongst all these ?

It's the title that gets your ad noticed, so concentrate on it more than anything else, without a good title no-one will ever click on your advert and it
doesn't matter how good the item you are selling is, or how good an ad you have written as the reality is noone will ever see them !!!

Catch words to place in the advert title are as follows:-
"[email protected]@K" - (It stands out compared to LOOK)

Use POWER WORDS in your title. What are power words? They’re words that you can add to infer a sense of urgency to your items. Words such as RARE, LIMITED
EDITION, UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND, BEAUTIFUL, will help you get attention. Other words like GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE, STUNNING, AWESOME will also help get your buyer
to notice what you are selling. Use capitalisation to good effect also.

if its a well known brand put that in the title also.

take these two titles as examples:-

1999 Hymer motorhome

compared to:-

"[email protected]@K 1999 STUNNING CONDITION HYMER motorhome"

Be specific, Add high quality photos and give links to other websites that sell the product brand new so that your bidder knows he is getting value for
money, also include links to any reviews of your product (Only if they are good) do as much of the legwork as possible for them.
Add a link in for people to email you like this:-

<A HREF="mailto:[email protected]">EMAIL ME</A>

Ebay includes a "Ask Seller a question" button but people like to send email from their own PCs as they then have a copy already.

Ebay allows you to add photos via a built in image browser, you can also add photos that are on web space elsewhere easily, just add a link in the advert
description thus:-


Once the description is complete, you are offered the choice of other 'a la carte' menus for such things as "Bold", "Featured" etc, I personally have never
felt the need to use these, but opinions vary.

install ebay picture services if you haven't done so before by clicking Yes to the activeX popup

Leave duration and date alone, just choose defaults of start ad now and for 7 days length.

Now the Starting Price and Reserve Price are tricky, Ebay charges more for higher starting price and also adds a fee for the use of the reserve facility (.
Personally I don't use the reserve unless its a very expensive item that i don't want to get caught short with hardly any bids. I always think it's best to
have a low starting price if its an item that will almost certainly get a lot of bids (Check for similar items on ebay and how much bidding activity they
get), there is more chance of early bidding if you start with a low initial price.

Note: In a Reserve Price Listing, the Listing Fee is based on the reserve price for your item, not the opening value. There is also an additional Reserve
Price Listing Fee as specified in Table 3 below, which is refunded if your item sells.

Ebay Fees are below (Correct at time of writing Oct 03)
Opening Value or Reserve Price Listing Fee
£0.01 - £0.99 £0.15
£1.00 - £4.99 £0.20
£5.00 - £14.99 £0.35
£15.00 - £29.99 £0.75
£30.00 - £99.99 £1.50
£100.00+ £2.00 has all the fee costs.

Whilst we are on the subject of fees its worth while to note that once your item sells ebay will cream off the top as you are also charged a final value fee,
costs below:-

Final Value Fee Ranges
Final Price Range Fee Percentage
£0 - £29.99 5.25%
£30.00 - £599.99 3.25%
£600.00 and up 1.75%

The fees are very complicated but as long as you don't use many of the 'extras' you should get value for money.

Adding Pictures:
Now ebay allow one picture free with every item, make the best use of it, ensure the photo you upload is of good quality, well lit and captures all that is
for sale, i.e. if you are selling a toaster and you still have the box and manuals for it then take a picture of all of them together against a nice neutral
plain background. If you are selling an item such as a Caravan whereby potential buyers will want more detail, then pay the £0.12 extra per photo (At time
of writing) and upload some more especially of the interior.

You can also upload much bigger photos and then choose the option to "Supersize" them, again for an additional £0.60 (See how the fees mount up) this allows
your buyer to click on the small standard photos and they are then magically enlarged to show more detail etc, good for expensive items / those with a lot of
intricate detail which is lost in the smaller photos.

You can also choose a theme, this is a clipart type background / border that goes on your advert, I use these quite extensively because amazingly enough they
are FREE and they do attract attention to your ad.

You have many other options to do with picture layout/listings etc, I dabble with these but not too any great effect so wont recommend them, feel free to
comment on any success you have using these facilities.

I ALWAYS add the free page counter, good way of determining if anyone is actually looking at your ad.

All that is left now is to choose your accepted payment methods, i recommend cheque and Postal order / Bankers draft or even Cash transfer (Done via online
banking their end) all of these don't incur any extra fees.

Ensure you work out the postage so that you don't get stung for too much, I've learnt this through experience !!!
Look at other adverts of similar goods and see what they have charged for postage or check out royal mails website as they have a pricing guide compared to
weight. Just ensure that you err towards more expensive on the postal costs otherwise you may end up charging your buyer £10 but then having to pay £15 to
actually post the item which eats into your profit margin.

And that's it, your on your way to your first item sold, good luck :)

Copyright (C) D. Burley

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