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Stowford Farm Meadows launch new caravan sales centre
Caravanning Newsjensmith writes "The leading North Devon caravan and camping site, Stowford Farm Meadows are pleased to announce the completion of their recently developed caravan sales centre.

The continuing development of the whole Stowford Farm Meadows site has made staff and owner Andrew Noall very proud of their family owned and run caravan and camping park. The site having been in the family for generations and as a touring park since 1978.

The redevelopment of the caravan sale centre has been a result of the growth in the caravan sales side of this award winning touring caravan and camping facility in North Devon. Stowford supply new Elddis caravans and Bailey caravans and always have a large stock of quality used touring caravans for sale. Being one of the South West’s largest caravan retailers, Stowford are also able to showcase an awning display area and a caravan accessory shop, all on site to browse at leisure.

Anybody purchasing a caravan from them are invited to stay onsite at Stowford Farm Meadows, as their guest, for a number of nights. On arrival, the new caravan will be found sited on a pitch ready to simply walk into. This sets Stowford Farm Meadows apart from the rest in terms of caravan sales and pitches. Coupled with the onsite facilities found at the campsite, it is no wonder Stowford are multi industry award winners.

For more information on Elddis caravans and Bailey caravans or to find out more about the Stowford Farm Meadows summer special weekend taking place Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th June 2010, visit or telephone 01271 889339"
Posted on Friday, June 11 @ 13:42:04 EDT by nukeadmin

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Stowford Farm Meadows launch new caravan sales centre

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