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Solar Panel Power Calculator

Solar Panel Power Information and Calculator

If you wish to purchase solar panels for motorhomes then Outdoor bits supplies these and tracking solar panels which can produce up to 5 times more power compared to an equivalent sized conventional solar panel. Buy solar panels HERE

One of our members SallyTrafic has contributed an excellent 4 part article on Solar Power, how to use it, efficiency and how to integrate it into your motorhome.

Read Part 1 Here
Read Part 2 Here
Read Part 3 Here
Read Overview Here
Download the spreadsheet Here

How much electricity can you realistically expect a solar panels to produce?
Enter values corresponding to your current location, panel ratings etc to see approximately what you could expect to gain in power.

Latitude: degrees N
PV Array Rating: watts at volts

Theoretical Maximum Panel Output: amps, at solar noon
Theoretical Daily Panel Output: amp-hours

Solar Panel Calculator Notes:
  • The calculator makes the following assumptions:
    • Horizontal panels
    • A clear, cloudless sky
    • No other obstructions to shade the panels
    • A basic, non-current-boosting charge controller
    • The northern hemisphere
    • Panels at sea level
  • It accounts for the following variables:
    • Length of day, based on latitude and date
    • The elevation angle of the sun throughout the day, also based on latitude and date, as it affects the quantity of direct solar radiation (the Cosine Effect)
  • It ignores the following variables:
    • Air mass due to altitude
    • Angular air mass
    • Angular spectral variation
    • Angle of incidence effects (apart from pure Cosine Effect)
    • Diffuse solar radiation
    • Temperature

    Many thanks to Sterling UDell for allowing me to plageurise his calculator from his website at

    Sterling also has a Datastorm setup and an excellent informative site on working from his motorhome whilst touring around the US
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