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UK Stolen Caravans Database

Is your Caravan Secure ? Read our guide to Caravan security nowStolen Caravan database
The Stolen Caravan database was created to provide a facility whereby caravanners that have been stolen in the UK Could be tracked.

If you have information relating to a Stolen Caravan then please add it to our stolen Caravan database

If you are unsure what to do in the event that your caravan is stolen then read our Guide

There are a few simple measures that you can take to try and prevent someone taking your pride and joy and turning it into a stolen caravan statistic as follows:-

Stolen Caravans PreventionIf you intend to leave your caravan unattended for any length of time then make sure that all windows are securely locked, roof lights and all external doors / lockers are secure including the cassette toilet door.

Windscreen etching kits can be used and the registration number of your car can be permanently embedded in the glass, making your caravan less likely to be stolen

Wheel clamps could also be considered as a suitably visible deterrent such as the range available on Outdoor Bits website Click HERE to view the range of SAS Wheelclamps. Wheelclamps for use on a caravan can be purchased and utilised or similar devices such as drive way parking post bars

Or alternatively you could fit other Internal visible deterrents such as tow hitch locks and products of this type.

When parking up, take a look around, is anyone paying a little too much attention to your van ? They could be part of a team i.e. One person follows you doing your supermarket shop whilst the other goes through your belongings in the van or even makes off with your now stolen caravan, they can communicate quickly and easily with the ubiquitous mobile phones without raising suspicion.

All of the above is not intended to reduce your love of the caravan experience, but simply to make sure you are forewarned and prepared for eventualities.

Stop Caravans being stolenAll of these steps when used in conjunction with common sense will hopefully prevent your caravan becoming a statistic of our stolen caravan database !!!.

Recently Added Stolen Caravans

Click line to show full details on each Stolen Caravan
Pastiche 540/4noneNewark
Hobby 690 SMF735528Hope Valley
Eldisscrusader superstromA Classaberdare
Compass OmegaA Class
Swiftchallenger 530SW60830509Ladybank
Swiftchallenger 530SW60830509
BailPegasus 2 AnconaCoachbuiltSGBSV02BYBStafford
Born Free MotorcoachJdoDoUFnCXeoLow Profile
ConcordezIZHkJXQxviCLow ProfilewbzHvyOygqbtaSdBXPDNY
Caravans International (CI)xhpeZgCQwVPop TopxgqaosmcqNY
SwiftklMDunjmEwanPop Top
PiloteyRtPiUEcAaMuRHigh TopiaxgtzwqizxNY
Harney CoachworksskzyTbRlXTKbTHigh TopssamUFmIaEHNY
Swiftcharisma 570Pop TophighbridgeStyrso

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Please Select your desired options and click the Submit button to see all matching stolen caravans

If you have recently had a caravan stolen then please add your stolen caravan to our database so others can look out for it.
Search our Stolen caravans database: Search our Stolen caravans
Add a Stolen Caravan to the database: Add a Stolen Caravan to the database
Modify a stolen caravan entry: Modify
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